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About Us


  • We, Guangzhou Tiangkuan Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd., is a full line of refrigeration manufacturers corporation, dedicate in renovation and professional  design under customer requirement.
  • We expertise specifically on walk-in cooler display, drive-in and walk-in cold storage; PU, EPS Panels & panels doors; UN-foggy glass door, its widely used by Hotel, Health facility, Medication, Agriculture, Medical and Chemical industry.
  • Presently we had delivered to international countries, certified by USA, Europe, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and African Countries and local China.
  • Our refrigeration’s abide from the present green environmental with present technology. ISO quality


How do we know the type of refrigeration unit and panel meet our proje...

We are over 10 year experienced in refrigeration, what is needed for y...

How many part exist in one system cold room?

condenser, evaporator and cold room, cool by wind or water.  &nbs...

what temperature apply for seafood, flower, vegetable, medical?

seafood packing cold room: Quick blaze frozen: -25°C to -40°C; col...

Which type of industries that your product serve?

 Our products are widely used by hotels, restaurants, medicine, f...

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